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What Do Professional Cleaning Services Offer?

You must be thoroughly aware of the different services on the market, whether you’re expanding your cleaning services or beginning a cleaning business from scratch. These many cleaning services perform various tasks, but they also have some traits, pieces of equipment, and clients in common.

For instance, you might have a client who wants their house deep cleaned. They are so happy with the quality of your service that they want to suggest you to their company’s administrator for a commercial cleaning service. Alternatively, the same client needs laundry and dry cleaning services every two weeks.

You must treat professional commercial cleaning tasks seriously to ensure their successful completion. You will need specialized equipment, cleaning supplies, and additional staff members. A great opportunity exists in commercial cleaning, but you should not take it lightly. In other words, before you get in, you need to take up what each type of cleaning service includes clearly.

What are the common types of professional cleaning services?

Here are some common professional cleaning services:

Residential cleaning

You can also call it domestic or household cleaning. This cleaning takes place in a client’s home, whether they are there or not. People who pay for domestic services with their hard-earned money have a bit more time to spend with their families rather than fussing about housework. Due to how tiny and simple most domestic cleaning duties are, you can work alone or with others.

Residential cleaning services depend on the client you select. The regular cleaning services for this category are dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the rooms and bathrooms. As your clientele grows, you can add extra services like deep cleaning, laundry, ironing, and other things.

Commercial Cleaning services

Office cleaning, commonly called commercial cleaning, provides services for various business structures, including offices, schools, community centers, and more. You can make cleaning appointments during business hours when the place is open or after the site is closed.

Since offices are typically much larger than the ordinary home and cleaning them takes a lot of time even when they are lucrative, you will undoubtedly require a staff. Common services include:

  • Cleaning the toilet.
  • Wiping.
  • Washing the windows, dusting.
  • Cleaning the vents and air ducts.
  • Caring for carpets and upholstery.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial and commercial cleaning services are significantly different, even though most people use them accordingly or believe these are parts of the same category. Janitorial cleaning services involve routine upkeep and cleaning structures, including offices, schools, and factories. Contrarily, larger, deeper cleaning operations are conducted yearly for commercial cleaning.

Before providing specialized cleaning services, it is advised to have a team in place because there is a constant flow of work. It includes routine cleaning and maintenance tasks for buildings and grounds, including sweeping, mopping, waste disposal, air duct cleaning, changing lightbulbs, replenishing Kleenex, and more.

Green Cleaning Services

The phrase “green” is now known as a movement to preserve our planet and ecology. The idea behind this kind of professional cleaning service is to do maximum (cleaning) with less resources. Supporting green cleaning services can help businesses reflect their clients’ ideals and show a commitment to the community. Additionally, most commercial enterprises and governments believe green cleaning services are worthwhile investments, but only if they have the appropriate certification.

Although you can employ your current staff to offer green cleaning services, you might need to educate and teach them how to use green cleaning products and equipment. A green cleaning service is simple to launch with a modest investment, much like other cleaning businesses.


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