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Looking for the best janitorial, post-construction & house cleaning service in Calgary?
Look no further than NewGen Cleaning Services. Our professional team delivers top-notch cleaning solutions for homes and offices, ensuring spotless spaces every time.

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Cleaning Services Calgary

Welcome to NewGen Cleaning Services, your premier choice for cleaning services Calgary. We take pride in delivering exceptional and tailored solutions to meet your cleaning needs. Whether you’re seeking home cleaning services Calgary or require professional cleaning for commercial spaces, our dedicated team is here to ensure a spotless and inviting environment. At NewGen, we redefine cleanliness, offering top-notch cleaning services in Calgary, AB. Experience the difference with our commitment to excellence, reliability, and a personalized touch in every cleaning service we provide.

At NewGen Cleaning Services, we’re all about making your space shine! We’re a team of local cleaning pros in Calgary and surrounding areas, who take pride in our work and community.

Our business is run by professionals who know how important it is to keep your home or business clean, healthy, and happy. Whether you need a deep clean or a little sprucing up in cleaning services calgary, we’ve got you covered. 
Let us help you enjoy a sparkling space that you’ll love to be in!

From Sparkling Offices to Pristine Homes: Our Cleaning Solutions For Cleaning Services Calgary

At NewGen Cleaning, we offer a wide range of services to cater to all your cleaning services calgary needs at :

Residential Cleaning Services

Our team ensures your home is spotless and inviting, offering a comfortable living environment for you and your family so we are the best house cleaning service calgary

Commercial Cleaning Services Calgary

We cater to businesses in Calgary, maintaining clean and organized office spaces to leave a lasting impression on clients and employees.

Cleaning Services Calgary

Our industrial janitorial services provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for cleaning services Calgary, enhancing safety and productivity.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

We take care of the mess left behind by construction projects, ensuring a clean and ready-to-use space.

Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Services

Get your new or old space in top condition with our move-in and move-out cleaning services, perfect for homeowners and tenants.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our specialized carpet cleaning services revive and refresh carpets, extending their lifespan and enhancing the overall look of your space.

Building Maintenance Services

We offer ongoing building maintenance to keep your property in excellent condition, addressing repairs and cleanliness as needed.

Gyms and Event Spaces Cleaning Services

We maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of gyms and event venues, ensuring a pleasant experience for your clients and guests.

Schools and Daycare Centers Cleaning Services

We keep educational environments clean and safe for students, staff, and parents, promoting a healthy learning atmosphere.

Churches and Religious Places Cleaning Services

Our services maintain the serenity and cleanliness of religious spaces, respecting their significance.

Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

We provide professional floor stripping and waxing services to restore and protect your floors, extending their durability and visual appeal.

Dealership and Auto Shops Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services cater to dealerships and auto shops, ensuring a pristine and inviting showroom for your customers.

Why Choose NewGen for Cleaning Services Calgary?

NewGen Cleaning Services, we stand out as the preferred choice for the best house cleaning service Calgary residents trust. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and personalized approach set us apart in the local cleaning industry. From homes to businesses, our professional team delivers unparalleled cleaning solutions tailored to Calgary’s unique needs. Experience the difference with NewGen, where your satisfaction and a spotless space are our top priorities.













The NewGen Advantage in Calgary Cleaning Services

What sets us apart as the go-to choice for the best house cleaning service Calgary residents trust? It’s the NewGen advantage – a commitment to delivering superior and reliable cleaning experiences. Our seasoned team brings extensive expertise to every job, ensuring thoroughness and efficiency without compromise. With NewGen, you’re not merely engaging a cleaning service; you’re gaining a trusted partner in maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your Calgary space. Choose NewGen Cleaning Services for excellence in cleaning services Calgary that consistently exceeds expectations.

Calgary's Cleaning Partner: NewGen's Local Touch

Embark on a cleaning experience tailored to Calgary’s unique essence with NewGen Cleaning Services. As your local cleaning partner, we bring a profound understanding of Calgary’s neighborhoods, addressing specific cleaning needs with expertise and precision.

Why Choose NewGen for the best house cleaning service Calgary?

  1. Local Expertise: Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Calgary’s diverse neighborhoods, ensuring our Cleaning Services in Calgary are finely tuned to the distinct characteristics of each area.
  2. Community Commitment: As a Calgary-based business, we are committed to enhancing the community’s cleanliness. Our services, spanning residential and commercial spaces, contribute to the overall well-being of Calgary’s neighborhoods.
  3. Responsive Service: Positioned centrally in Calgary, So, we offer cleaning services Calgary. Whether it’s an urgent request or a scheduled cleaning, count on us for prompt and efficient service.
  4. Calgary-Driven Solutions: Our cleaning solutions are crafted with Calgary in focus. From weather challenges to specific environmental factors, we ensure our services seamlessly align with Calgary’s unique characteristics.
  5. Local Pride: NewGen Cleaning takes pride in being an integral part of Calgary’s business landscape. We prioritize building enduring relationships within the community, actively contributing to the city’s cleanliness and vibrancy.
  6. When you choose NewGen Cleaning Services for the best house cleaning service Calgary, you’re selecting more than a cleaning service – you’re opting for a local partner dedicated to the prosperity and cleanliness of the city we proudly call home.

Setting the Standard for cleaning services calgary: Our Mission at NewGen Cleaning Services

NewGen Cleaning Services, our mission revolves around redefining expectations for professional cleaning services Calgary. We are dedicated to providing meticulous and thorough cleaning for every space, be it residential or commercial.

Key Tenets of Our Mission:

  1. Elevated Excellence in Cleaning Services Calgary: NewGen Cleaning Services operates on the principle of uncompromising excellence. Our skilled team adheres to the highest standards, ensuring no detail is overlooked, and each cleaning endeavor in Calgary is executed with precision.

  2. A Personalized Approach to Cleaning Services Calgary: Recognizing the unique needs of each client, our mission emphasizes a personalized touch in our cleaning services in Calgary. By tailoring our approach, we address specific requirements, ensuring a bespoke cleaning experience that resonates with our diverse Calgary clientele.

  3. Reliability Redefined in the best house cleaning service Calgary: Central to our mission is reliability. NewGen is not just a cleaning service but a dependable partner committed to maintaining the cleanliness of Calgary spaces consistently.

  4. Fostering Positive Environments through Cleaning Services Calgary: Our mission extends beyond cleanliness to creating environments that exude freshness and positivity. A clean space contributes to a positive atmosphere, enhancing the overall quality of life for our clients in Calgary.

  5. Innovative Practices for Cleaning Services Calgary: Embracing innovation, NewGen Cleaning Services incorporates advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment in Calgary. This not only ensures efficiency but also underscores our commitment to environmentally friendly practices in the Calgary area.

  6. Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions for Calgary Spaces: Catering to a spectrum of cleaning needs, our mission spans from residential homes to large-scale commercial establishments in Calgary. Our versatile approach ensures every space we touch is left immaculate.

  7. A Client-Centric Focus on Cleaning Services Calgary: Clients are the core of our mission. We actively seek feedback, encouraging open communication to continually refine our cleaning services in Calgary. Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it’s the driving force behind everything we do in Calgary.

  8. Making a Positive Impact on Calgary Communities: Beyond individual spaces, NewGen Cleaning Services is dedicated to making a positive impact on the community. Our mission includes initiatives that contribute to a cleaner and healthier Calgary, fostering a sense of pride in our shared spaces.

In summary, NewGen Cleaning Services is on a mission to redefine and elevate Calgary’s cleaning experience. Through unwavering excellence, a personalized approach, and a commitment to reliability, we aim to set a new standard for the best house cleaning service Calgary that positively influences the lives of our clients and the community.

Elevating Cleaning Services Calgary & Maid Service Calgary

Explore how NewGen Cleaning Services is redefining the standards for the best house cleaning service Calgary and maid service Calgary with unwavering excellence and personalized care.

These are the words of a Happy and Satisfied clients.
We at NewGen Cleaning really appreciate these kind words.
Explore Our REAL GOOGLE Love from our clients.

Alex BoltonAlex Bolton
17:50 04 Dec 23
21:22 23 Nov 23
They did a decent job. But they came 2 hours early, and we had to tell them to come back at the time scheduled. Then they came 1.5 hours late. Other than that, quick and efficient job. Would use them again. Thank you guys.
Mani VelanMani Velan
16:17 13 Oct 23
They did an excellent job cleaning our house!!
Schantel HochheimerSchantel Hochheimer
21:25 19 Sep 23
Kathleen and her team have been great to work with over the last couple of years. We use NewGen for all our move in and out cleaning of our rental properties in Calgary and I also use them personally for monthly house cleaning. They do a great job and always have an opening for us.
Chris HochheimerChris Hochheimer
22:24 16 Sep 23
Jen HallJen Hall
15:53 29 Mar 23
My first time hiring a cleaning service and wow was it great! Hired them for a move out clean after selling my condo. What a relief to take this task of my plate, and I’m so glad I called NewGen per a recommendation from someone in my new building.
Karina UrrutiaKarina Urrutia
07:00 02 Feb 23
Nestor did a great job, especially since I wasn't prepared for him. I never book on Fridays due to a weekly standing appointment. That appointment was generated automatically due to a no show the day before. Nestor had such great customer service I went with it. I wasn't able to be here to guide him, I simply gave him quick boundaries and told him ro make me know he'd been here. He did.😊
Han NaHan Na
01:07 26 Jan 23
Excellent!! We are super happy with the service we received from NewGen Cleaning Services today. They paid extra attention on my window blinds, which is really challenging for me to clean. Now I can finally breathe clean air in my house and don’t have to worry about my Asthma. Very friendly, courteous and professional. Highly recommended!

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